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Vacuum belt filter UBF

Vacuum belt filter UBF

HOFFMANN Vacuum Band Filters UBF are ideal for filtering oils, emulsions, synthetic solutions and other fluids, such as accompanying machining of metals (i.e. steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminium).

The filter fleece is located at the bottom of the soiled tank, which is accompanied by a chain cleaner, which in turn safely removes a large amount of larger contaminants. With filtration capacities of up to 2.500 L/min the HOFFMANN UBF vacuum belt filter is quite universal and apart from metal working is also used in steel production and environmental technology as the individual or central equipment.





Vacuum Belt Filter UBF


Filter capacity oil*
Filter capacity emulsion**
UBF 200
500 l/min
1.000 l/min
UBF 300
750 l/min
1.500 l/min
UBF 400
1.000 l/min
2.000 l/min
UBF 500
1.250 l/min
2.500 l/min

*Based on grinding oils with a viscosity of 20 mm2/s at 40°C

**Based on grinding emulsions with a viscosity of 1 mm2/s at 20°C

  • Areas of application
    • Machining centres
    • Milling and turning machines
    • Drilling machines
    • Grinding machines
    • Washing machines
    • Rolling rigs
  • Advantages
    • Various qualities of filter fleece, with winding reel
    • Cost reduction due to separate disposal of filter fleece and filter cake
    • In central systems, filtration with continuous filter belt is possible, with no consumables required
    • Robust and reliable design and operation
    • Continuous supply of your machine(s) without downtime
  • Options
    • HOFFMANN Cooling Systems
    • Mobile and tiltable sludge cart
    • Emulsion mixing unit
    • Pumping stations
    • Oil skimmer
    • Piping engineering

Vacuum belt filter UBF - 3D Animation

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